VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1. April, 2021


Process Data from the Ground Up

The “Flux Capacitor” may have made time travel possible in the movie Back to the Future, but the control loop is what makes industrial automation possible. The humble control loop is the foundation of the distributed control system (DCS), and it does its job very well. The DCS receives...

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​Spring into Action with These Home Safety Tips

​Keep safety top of mind when performing home improvements and using any type of machinery, tools or other equipment. For many, springtime signals spending more time outdoors and the start of some much-needed spring cleaning...

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Scott Hayes

Scott Hayes

Scott Hayes is the DCSNext Portfolio Manager at Rockwell Automation and MAVERICK Technologies. Scott is a licensed control system engineer with 20+ years of experience leading automation projects and programs, as well as hands-on configuring and networking of DCS, PLC, HMI, process historian and visualization solutions.


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