Future Proof Your Automation Solutions With Standards Based Design

Capital improvement opportunities for automation are infrequent at best, so we need to squeeze every bit of possible value from these efforts when we get the chance.

Solving long-standing problems while adding new enabling features and technologies will most certainly be high on the list of expectations, but what about agility and longevity? Just like the shiny new car that seems dull in a few short years, outdated automation systems will inevitably frustrate users looking for the features and performance needed to stay competitive. This webinar will discuss a practical way to achieve sustainable benefits with the proper application of ISA standards during the design phase.

Topics Include:

  • Common obstacles to modernizing of operations
  • Methods for achieving capable, agile, and sustainable solutions
  • Heavy-hitter ISA standards and their use
  • And more…
Richard Slaugenhaupt

Richard Slaugenhaupt

Richard Slaugenhaupt is a Consultant at MAVERICK Technologies. Richard is a consultant with 34 years of multi-disciplined industry experience, including 18 years as a plant engineer and 16 years in consulting. Richard has a B.S.E.E. degree from the Pennsylvania State University.​

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