Beverage Manufacturer Utilizes Remote Support to Maximize Productivity

A revolutionary beverage company used always-on remote support of the MES solution to reach peak efficiency. Support technicians provided more than system troubleshooting and maintenance. They also optimized the development of the MES solution with detailed reports to capture incident trends, key recommendations for application changes and strategic reductions of recurring issues.


A new production system brings the potential for unexpected downtime. The need to integrate with existing and / or newly developed systems exacerbates the downtime risk. The customer needed to reduce system downtime caused by unexpected performance issues, especially in the early phases of the MES solution implementation. Looking forward, the customer wanted to monitor incident trends and identify application upgrades to decrease or eliminate recurring issues.


The support yielded hundreds of resolved incidents for the customer. A variety of documentation was delivered to the customer, including weekly incident resolution reports and trend data, recommendations for software updates and training documents after standard operating procedure (SOP) changes.


MAVERICK’s PlantFloor24® global operations center provided live, remote support for the newly implemented MES solution at multiple customer facilities.

Through a 24/7/365 support program, the customer’s estimated production downtime related to MES incidents was prevented by upwards of thirty line-hours per week.

MAVERICK developed training materials for both internal use, training technicians who were previously unfamiliar with MES to be capable of primary support, and external use, assisting the customer with platform updates.

Status reports were provided to the customer on a weekly basis detailing incidents resolved over that period. This information identified multiple trends in performance including repeat issues and gaps in customer training.

The support team integrated with the customer’s existing support structure by utilizing the in-house IT ticketing system.

PlantFloor24 analyzed trend data to recommend platform updates to eliminate recurring issues and improve overall performance.

Support technicians participated in the development of the application by performing integration tests. They traveled to customer facilities with system developers to provide on-site support during individual plant go-live periods.

Due to the inherent integration of MES with multiple existing systems (ERP, Batch, legacy MDS), the support team utilized advanced troubleshooting techniques to analyze connected incidents. Beyond basic IT knowledge, this level of support requires database and XML analysis expertise.

The MAVERICK Difference

PlantFloor24 utilized platform proficiency and advanced troubleshooting techniques to provide efficient, round-the-clock support. Abiding by the service level agreement (SLA) and providing detailed documentation of each incident, MAVERICK support prevented extended downtime and loss of productivity. The complete MAVERICK approach produced results that surpassed the customer’s expectations.

Ram Ramamoorthy

Ram Ramamoorthy

Ram Ramamoorthy has 13 years of industrial automation experience. He is currently the Strategic Manufacturing Solutions Manager at MAVERICK Technologies overseeing the Sustaining Services practice. Ram has a master’s in electrical engineering from the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

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