A Major Mining and Chemical Company Partners with MAVERICK to Perform a Multi-Phased, PLC5 System Migration

mining and metals case study

In a multi-phased approach, MAVERICK utilized Rockwell Automation ControlLogix® hardware and software to migrate an existing PLC5 system across seven process areas for a major mining and chemical company.


The customer, who mines and processes attapulgite clay into products suitable for kitty litter, paint, drilling mud, cosmetics and many other finished products, engaged MAVERICK consultants to implement a PLC5 system migration in a multi-phased approach. The company’s highest priority was to ensure personnel safety – zero injuries. During the implementation process, they required that all newly updated process areas still communicate with the legacy systems and vice versa. As no location drawings for instrumentation existed, new documentation and additional field services effort was also required.


MAVERICK performed the multi-phased migration project in four separate outages where each phase was successfully completed on-time or earlier than the originally planned outage schedule. The customer was very pleased with the ease of programming utilizing Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix.


After initial onsite kick-off and review of the seven process areas, the MAVERICK team received the PLC logic and human-machine interface (HMI) graphics for each of the seven process areas and converted the graphics and the PLC code for the first two areas the customer chose.

MAVERICK also supplied engineering drawings for the wiring from the PLC5 connections to the ControlLogix connections.

The engineering team successfully tested and executed the factory acceptance test (FAT) of the first two areas with the customer’s team.

MAVERICK engineers successfully completed the hardware and software implementation onsite for both areas. One of the pieces of the equipment had an issue causing a delay in the customer’s startup time; however, the MAVERICK team was able to complete all loop checks and systems commissioning early with no safety incidents.

For the next two consecutive areas, engineers successfully completed the hardware and software implementation onsite. Commissioning and startup were completed early with no safety incidents in both areas. The graphics and PLC code for both areas were completed as well, and MAVERICK engineers were able to successfully test and execute the FAT with the customer’s team.

The final two areas were all successfully completed following the same graphics, hardware and software testing and execution and safety protocols, with no reported safety incidents.

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